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Welcome to Straight Stack!

What's Straight Stack? Well, this is your one stop, old truck stop! We have been frustrated that other old vehicles have a place online to get together and swap stories/parts, but there aren't many places like that for the old truck fan. This is our attempt to do something about that. At Straight Stack there are many features the old truck enthusiast can take advantage of:

Forums: This is the place to talk to other old truck fans. There are separate areas for each manufacturer (If you don't see one that you would like, send us a message).  There is also "The Diner" for general old truck discussion that applies to all manufactures. 

Classifieds: This is a place to sell off those extra parts that are cluttering up the shop or find that piece you need to finish your restoration. It's a great place to look for those old truck parts that are hard to find or find a new home for!

Calendar: The calendar is a place to keep track of the coming events. Planning an old truck show? Contact us and we'll add it to the calendar so others know about it. Planning a trip to another state and want to see if there are any shows along the way? Check the calendar!

Gallery: The gallery is a collection of old truck photos. Everyone can post their pictures up here so if you have any pictures, please post them here so everyone can enjoy them! Anything from a just finished, perfectly restored truck, to old pictures from back when these trucks were used on a regular basis are welcome.

There is something here for everyone because everyone at least has stories of old trucks! As a guest you can only view these pages. Registeration is free, so register, and join in on the fun. This is your site so send us a message if you see a way to improve this site. We'd appreciate the help. Enjoy your stay!

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